Expert Witness

Expert Witnesses, in any discipline, are appointed as individuals rather than as a firm or practice. Within Activus, several of our Directors, Associate Directors and Senior Consultants have acted as Expert Witnesses in both litigation and arbitration.

The special blend of experience in construction and legal proceedings that all our Expert Witnesses have makes them ideally suited to undertake such appointments.

Activus recognises the importance of having an Expert Witness who is suitably qualified and experienced to give evidence of opinion relevant to the matters he or she is instructed to address. For this reason, we ask that those instructing such experts provide us with details of the matters in question in order that we can ensure that the Expert Witness (or Witnesses) that we propose is suitable for the dispute.

All of our staff who act as Expert Witnesses operate a strict policy of not accepting appointments that they consider to be outside of their area of expertise.



Prosecution / Defense

Preparation of Expert Advice (Support Documentation), Independent Reviews and Appraisals.

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